100% Death Country

100% Death Country is a country situated close to Finland and is regarded by all — even the League of Bodacious Bodybuilders — with terror and wonder. Most remarkable is 100% Death Country's survival rate of 0%, meaning that every person is born a gigantic man who immediately is hug-exploded by surrounding Shin Spooker ghosts and becomes a Shin Spooker himself. This has led to the phenomenon known as the "Boo-Dead-Too Chain Reaction Ga", a source of intense interest and study for people who felt a chill on their spine once and have believed in ghosts ever since.

The country has a social structure principally built on the belief that the newest Shin Spooker is the most powerful and thus the most well-equipped to lead citizens. In effect, this means that 100% Death Country has a new leader every two minutes. Foreign ethnographers believe that this continual usurpation is in fact a minor issue, seeing as how 100% Death Country's citizens main activity, to the near-exclusion of everything else, is exploding every newly born man. 100% Death Country's current ruler, as of thirty seconds ago, is Decimus Grango. His governing experience is zero.

Besides inter-exploding, 100% Death Country's secondary activity — so secondary as to be nearly nonexistent — is building a humongous tower, christened Hell Bingobango Lance of the Virtuous Violent Ne Plus Ultra Tower Tower, for every Shin Spooker to inhabit. After five-hundred years, the podium has been built, leaving 95% of the rise to be completed. When the tower is finished, Shin Spookers hope that it will be visited by outsiders and will so impress them that they will explode and join the Shin Spookers' ranks. If the podium is anything to go by, the structure is sure to mildly impress onlookers.