A Blaze in the Northern Sky

A Blaze in the Northern Sky is the grimmest accumulation of the Black Magicks and possibly the greatest surge of Slam tangibly known by mankind. It is said that the immense residue of grim and hatred that Peklo carries with him has been attracting an extremely huge meteor, the Blaze, the size of the moon toward the world. It is theorized that the Blaze will cast itself upon Finland, hence the later part of its name. It will scorch the skies and envelop the frostbitten landscape in a dance of fiery death. The sheer Slam will cause all other Slam on the planet to resonate and travel to the center of impact.

It is not known how much damage the Blaze in the Northern Sky is capable of. Some professors believe it will cause an end of the world scenario, while others say that it will at most evaporate the sea. Nevertheless, the high threat of the meteor has caused many people to loathe Peklo for more than just his hating ways.