Abyssal Gorgeous

Golem created when Satan took a sample of cells from Basil Gorgeous' left buttock during an undocumented tussle and, later, fused it with a primordial demon in Hell.

Abyssal Gorgeous was tasked with returning to the surface of the G-urth, on his own, to cause havoc among humans. Lacking powers beyond sheer physical strength, located primarily in his arms, Abyssal Gorgeous began the ascent by climbing up a sheer rock wall in Hell's Core, known as the Aguidundada Bivuzium Wall, believing it to be a shortcut because it skipped all of Hell's other sectors. Aybssal was slightly mistaken, because, while the Wall did indeed bypass those zones, it had no rest points, and was also five million miles high.

Eventually, Abyssal Gorgeous died from exhaustion halfway through the climb, yet his arms lived on, detaching from the body and continuing to grasp upwards until they reached the surface twenty years later. Each arm had, by this point, been exercised so powerfully that they resembled the arm musculature of the Neo Slam Gods. Realizing this, the arms advertised themselves as a National Treasure to the Finnish government, and were soon installed in a courtyard to flex for the public, forever.