Adventurers are people who are dedicated to exploring the wilderness of G-Urth (comprising 99% of G-Urth's surface) and battling any demonic opposition that may impede this goal. Because so much of G-Urth is a dangerous place, adventurers are more well known for their victories in battle rather than their discoveries. Adventurers utilize weapons that include swords, big swords, spears, biggest swords, clubs, and their own fists.


Adventurers hold a yearly convention called the Meeting of Muscle. This is a week-long event wherein adventurers come from all sides of the globe to flex, perform the Gammer Hammer Challenge, eat turkeys, and badly sing godawful songs. The most famous instance of this convention involved Son of Slam and his final shitfit.

Places Discovered by Adventurers

Final Fog Forest
Gallbladder Temple
God Hell Island
Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley
Hell Temple
Peklo's Cabin

Points of Contention

Although adventurers state that they discovered Hell and Skeleton City, Satan and skeletons object to this, stating that they were present at these locations before any humans, and that adventurers' claims are nothing more than anthropocentric imperialism. In the face of this counterargument, adventurers have vehemently flexed and hit rocks with swords really hard.