Aino Brawntump
Aino Brawntump
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Aino Brawntump is a world-class glass cannon known for her unimaginable hubris. She has raided dungeons for every day of her life, and this dauntless spelunking have given Aino with protruding hips with the sharpness of a dragon's fang, a grotesque horse-neck that strikes fear into her enemies, a bottom that is capable of slamming comparable to a Hell Tackle Devil and flexing on the level of Hefty McRiled. While she regularly tours in bodybuilding contests, she is more inclined to goblin genocide with the aid of five other adventurers, Gall "Hell-Hunk" Stonesmasher, Jennica Bojungle, Gilius Thunderhead, Maxter the White-Mane, and Farah Far Ears. Her exploits are so well-documented that tomes based on her adventures were published before she was born.

Aino first started adventuring at a very young age. Her loser brother, Joukahainen, challenged Väinämöinen to a singing contest, only to be beaten into the ground (10 km deep) with a leek by Väinämöinen. In desperation (he could feel Draculas licking his feet), Joukahainen promised Aino's hands and feet in marriage if Väinämöinen rescued him, despite having no ownership over other peoples' limbs. When Väinämöinen approached her family, an incredibly disgusted Aino faked her death to escape her terrible brother and the wrinkled Väinämöinen by diving into Lake Devil, a body of water infamous for killing most living things the moment they touch the surface. After reaching the bottom of the lake, she grappled a Lagiacrus into submission and deployed her innate ventriloquism to mock Väinämöinen with the Lagiacrus's severed head.

Aino is so dedicated to killing, that she wields the dangerous Bellowbladder, which deprives its wielder of constitution in exchange for Raw Murder Power. The Bellowbladder is so immense that a single swing from it can allegedly tear a Battle Satan in half. It is uncertain how little Aino's defense stat is because nothing has managed to defeat her in combat. Aino usually carries around a hefty bag of food she carries that include herring soup, sauteed worms, and spider legs; She is an avid connoisseur of world cuisine. She documents on things she's digested in a journal bound in dragon skin. The page's parchment comes from the goblins she severs. The adventurers colloquially call it, Record of Displaced Corpses.

Aino can also curl up into a ball to vault herself over great distances, similar to Sonic and Burgburg's Lance Bean. Unlike other be-muscled brawlers, Aino can travel several kilometers per minute. Peklo regularly fantasizes arm-wrestling her. She is friends with Blue Jonathan, an enigmatic Beaumont that Peklo also fantasizes about too.

Her bravado has garnered Aino much popularity, and her name is now commonly bestowed among Finnish parents.