Almerica is a desert region in S-Pain. It is most well-known for being the gathering place of Martinettians to herd cows and shoot each other. The S-Pain government is not certain on what to do about this exodus of cowbunglers. Cowbunglers from both S-Pain and Martinettio hold fierce rivalry, but this mostly results in both parties ending up in hogties, and starving to death in the blistering desert. The clean up is a massive financial burden.

Cowbunglers also have a strange obsession of tying themselves up on railroads, possibly to test their strength against trains. This usually fails as trains will just step out of the way. Trains are merely muscle men transporting goods while doing a line dance. Railroads are mainly guide lines, so trains can usually avert danger on railroads. Sometimes, trains are too in the groove, and will trample the cowbungler into mincemeat.