Alucard is a Dracula known for his mesmerizing platinum blonde hair and the ability to turn into a toxic fart that shuns all weaknesses. Alucard spends his time lounging around any nearby chair while simultaneously stealing the souls of every living creature within a twenty feet radius. Unlike other Draculas, Alucard does not have a castle and does not live in a Dracula hole, instead preferring to sleep in a coffin. As a defense, Alucard's coffin is surrounded by a few hundred coffins that have sentience and guard it while he sleeps. This defensive system is called the Coffin Geimu.

Alucard is acknowledged as a renowned culinary critic (despite his lack of public appearances/analytic judgments) for his amazing style of eating, wherein he tosses the food, be it a whole stuffed camel or a peanut, and then with supersonic speed dashes into it. At this moment, his molecular structure is so loose that the food is enveloped into his body without him so much as opening his mouth.

Alucard's name comes from his teenage years. Fathered by another Dracula, he wanted to be edgy and reversed his name. Because of this, he is commonly revered in adlutist circles. The teenager Alucard is credited with the invention of skateboards.

NOT Alucart.