A visual medium now foremost concerned with highschool sunsets, balloon boobs, and the physical malady of eyes that are 60% of a person's face. Once an eastern phenomenon that reacted to the west's development of the form by contributing the concepts of "Giant Robots" and "Android Hunks", anime later had a period where it was marketed to young adults as an edgy cartoon alternative because it showed more exploding heads than Tom and Jerry. Now that anime is where it is, and thanks to refreshingly cynical, ironical, and self-loathing sculptures by Takashi Murakami that depict girls with enormous breasts spraying milk out everywhere, it can definitively be identified as True Art.

Hentay, although erotic in nature and only for Adluts, is the most popular type of anime. Most of hentay's scenarios involve people passing out from gas and getting boners, upon which the central female character will squawk, "But my butt isn't ready!" Another common scenario is a kunoichi needing to seal up the demon realm by peeing on a broken demon seal while being annoyed by a horny familiar, like a flying pigslug. The most successful anime in history is "Slam Gods Maximum Bunglejam: I'll Slam You if You Ram Me - Bonner Excelsior Final Love Cannon."