Anime Skeleton

Anime Skeleton is a well known, though rarely acknowledged, figure in the anime community. The silence surrounding him comes not from a cultural ubiquity that turns the subject into a taken-for-granted specter (such as cucumbers), but from a reverence that borders on hushed fear. Some people have dared to suggest that Anime Skeleton is nothing more than fiction. This view quickly falls apart when put alongside the evidence. For example, many people have had exactly matching dreams on the same night wherein Anime Skeleton appears.

Most often, Anime Skeleton will appear in this unconscious arena performing a very anime-like dance to a popular anime theme song. This performance tends to impart some kind of information. When those who had Anime Skeleton visit their dreams last met at the annual Genki IMO Festival, they combined their new knowledge to build a machine that was capable of producing unlimited Lucky Star doujinshi with guest appearances by Vash the Stampede's donut collection. After the machine was assembled, each contributor had a dream in which Anime Skeleton thanked them by giving an especially long anime-like dance.

Anime Skeleton wears a red pirate hat, and his lower left leg is a peg-leg. His eyes are obscured by a large pair of sunglasses. A yellow bird, whose name is unknown (but who has been nicknamed Buccawneer), sits on his left shoulder. A blue and gold treasure chest is always near Anime Skeleton, and it is rumored to hold unreleased VHS tapes of legendary anime.