Anubass is a demonic spirit that takes on the visage of Mad Dag except with the body of a scimitar. Anubass is considered an Ultimate Weapon and is not to be taken lightly. In Certain Country, it has enjoyed use by several prestigious men, including Nightmare and Humungaad Huge. Despite this, Anubass is incredibly vulgar, impolite, and psychotic. The original creator of Anubass, Ali Assad, died over five bingelliums ago.

In recent years, Anubass has found itself under the use of incompetent men who tried to use the demonic blade against Joouritto Yare-Yare Jummstorr and his comrades. It was last seen dumped into a lake after its wielder tripped over a dog, Boowie Wow Bow. Calling upon the fishes and crabs to wield him, he received no response and it is assumed that he is now peacefully rusting.

Anubass's abilities include ignoring physics, very long term memory, and sexual futility. Unfortunately, its last ability has gone untested since it never met another sentient blade.

During Nightmare's time using the sword, he taped its mouth shut.