Architectural Chronicle of Diplo

The "Architectural Chronicle of Diplo" is a diaristic text authored by Diplo detailing his foray into architectural construction. Its entirety — a total of six short chapters — is detailed here. It has been pointed to as proof of Diplo being a hapless buffoon.

Chapter 1

wheree button

Chapter 2

how do i put block down
how do you keep building when it's too tall to reach

Chapter 3

what the hell
why can't i teleport elevator in

Chapter 4

ok i figured it out, you just need to keep hopping between pillars and adding more block to the ones you're not on until you're 9999999999999 feet high

Chapter 5

wh…. you can fly…
ok, this makes building easier

Chapter 6

ok figured it out
i'm world record most powerful now
no one can stop
ok i burrowed to the center of the earth and am stuck