Arle Nadja

Arle Nadja is a mythological hero who slew Satan and in apocrypha, banished the Gods from the living realm. She has appeared in various texts, most notably the Uyo Chronicles. While she is primarily known as a Gallish hero, she has made crossover appearances in various Drakonstranan myths concerning the Tetrad Ley Lines. Extremely strong and intelligent even at the age of 5, she is one of the few sentient muscle babbies who achieved plenty more in life than lifting the heaviest dumbbell. Arle is also said to be a prototype of the adventurer, having ventured through various dungeons in the Sorcery Legends. Historians doubt her existence and believe her to merely be a folkloric hero with no historical basis. Evidence purports she is too good to have ever existed. Others say she became Dagda in the Connian legends, with whom she shares many similarities, including being the Too Good.