Armstrong Cannon Town

A town surrounded by a deep coniferous forest, originally famous for housing the terrible Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon (NACJAC). Its fame was later injected with tragedy, as it was destroyed by Garn and Barn McDoogle. In its glory days, Armstrong Cannon Town was a thriving site whose economic sustenance came from exporting cannons that users launched themselves from to cover vast distances faster. The town's inhabitants were fond of proudly claiming that their home had existed for as long as five-hundred years, thanks in part to the NACJAC, which was stored in a high defensive position near the town's center, and activated when outside dangers reared their knobby heads.

Armstrong Cannon Town's last mayor, Jamp Baddong, was fond of dressing up in nothing but a loincloth and having his bodyguards erect dummies of Dark Slam Gods for him to slam in his training gym. Unbeknown to Baddong, these dummies were always weakened ahead of time by his bodyguards, as his underlings could not bear to see their enthusiastic leader fail in his fantasy of being the son of a Slam God. Baddong had a son whose name remains unknown. This son allegedly left the town after being embarrassed past his limit by his father's LARPing.