Atrocious Aniki

Atrocious Aniki is not only the leader of the Genki Slam Wolf Clan, but the Holy Emperor of The Holy Empire of Muscle. Towering with a ten-feet tall and diamond-hard physique, Atrocious Aniki wields indomitable strength and wisdom. It is said he is so knowledgeable on the matters of the universe, that his face bears both the joy and sadness of the universe simultaneously. He has been molded through an impossible length of time as well, having possibly existed at the Genki Slam Wolf Clan's founding centuries ago. This probably accounts for his stunning prowess in a large number of fields, including crunk, an otherwise primitive form of dance/Dark Slam God summoning.

Atrocious Aniki, despite his longevity, still undergoes many changes, especially with his new passion for being an authoritarian ruler. The Holy Empire of Muscle was a small civilization off the coast of Certain Country. It has been seen as a far more extreme, and cult-like settlement built off of Certain Country's own principles. Around 50 years ago, many Musclers demanded that Atrocious Aniki be placed as the Emperor, relinquishing their own rights and freedoms for Atrocious Aniki's superior intelligence. Ever since, his rule has not once been disputed by the people of Muscle. However, clansmen of the Genki Slam Wolf Clan have increasingly grown jealous over Atrocious Aniki's preference of reigning over the Holy Empire of Muscle, stating that Atrocious Aniki rarely visits them in the Mega Mountains, and that when he does, they can feel a bitter sense of embarrassment emanating from their once proud leader.

Little is actually known about Atrocious Aniki's private life, as he puts up extensive measures to have anyone killed if they have even a silver of knowledge about his personal activities. Nevertheless, a rumor has spread across all of Duwang that the muscle-bound ruler regularly ingests a special kind of mold, derived from the rotting corpses of Mega Demons, and that this mold is harbored in his vestigial organs in a symbiotic relationship. The mold is said to increase insight, and many believe that Atrocious Aniki's long life can be attributed to his own years of research, supplanted by the subsisting mold. Atrocious Aniki is currently planning for the total extermination of Duwang.

The only glimmer Atrocious Aniki publicly reveals about his life is his exercise regimen:

  1. Bench pressing and juggling his personally trained pack of devil wolves who substitute for barbells. He usually tries to both lift and juggle at the same, juggling a dozen wolves with his fingers while still lifting the other hundred.
  2. Crunches while the tail of a Deathbooner is impaled in his abdomen. The exercise is also a puzzle for Atrocious Aniki as he tries to impede the progress of the Deathbooner, which deepens with the pressure of each crunch, by telekinesis, but still having enough mental energy to do the most beautiful crunches.
  3. Racing against a Bingledorp. He often remarks that this is the most difficult part of the regimen.
  4. Finally, Atrocious Aniki tries to improve his sense of romance by courting various creatures, including Glum Rammer Lords. He never goes far enough to copulate with his partner, as it is just for practice. The reasons for this is shrouded in deep mystery, but it has oft been acknowledged that romance is his weakest asset.