B-Art (Break-Art) is the art of breaking things. It is practiced by youths all across the globe and first originated in Nuclear Yuletide Century, Upper Burgburg during the Auspicious Aughts, where the middle class obtained a immense amount of wealth that led to a new age of materialism. Being contrarians during their adolescent ages, youths naturally sought to destroy the material. Ironically, B-Art subsists on the material, and if everything was broken, B-Art would be destroyed. While breaking is a common trait in violence, B-Art is special in that it emphasizes breaking over all things else. Destruction is usually the ends from which violence is applied, but B-Art is the means to break as effectively and stylishly as possible. Instead of obliterating your opponent into a billion gibs like most martial arts doctrines encourage, B-Art is about breaking the 3 Bees (Blood, Bonner, and Bond) in sequential order. Obliterating an opponent in a billion gibs would take several hours more for someone utilizing B-Art as they will individually break everything.

Practitioners of B-Art are called B-Boys, B-Girls, B-Bads, and B-MAXs respectively. Acts of B-Art are usually accompanied by hip-chop, dunk music, and breakbeats which are auditory attacks that have breaking capabilities. Another common term is breaker, but many B-Masters discourage the use, as shortening breaker into "B-" is a deliberate linguistic decision that breaks the word, further emphasizing the soul of their art.

Forms of B-Art include the Limit Break, Sequence Break, and Prison Breaks.