B-Bumbo is a cursed b-ball. No matter their b-balling skills, anyone who even rubs against the b-bumbo with their shed skin cells will lose any sense of baller spirits.

The B-Bumbo is said to be composed of bumbler's parchment, Satan's offal, and gorgonzola cheese. When demons wield the hell ball, they will always slam dunk. The B-Bumbo has been banned in 75 different b-ball tournaments after a couple of demons replaced a b-ball with the b-bumbo in the International Man V. Demon Ball Blam (The Space Cram). All the human b-ballers ended up exploding upon discovering their new lack of ball skills.

Their corpses were interred into 50 special b-balls known as the Harlem Riptrotters. Their insides were also filled with Exploding Pissing Beef Balls so that they'd be infused with limitless elasticity and forever bounce on the Court of Giants. The B-Bumbo has been condemned to linger in this same court, forever slamming and bouncing against the 50 angry "Riptrotting" spirits.