Badder Tumblegood

A rough and wild young man whose attitude and outrageous hair are well known throughout Finland. Badder was born into the wealth (mother Karnova, father Joebomb), and thus had little initial experience in the real world. When he became a teenager, Badder made known his desire to chew on the grit of raw life (a first in the history of Tumblegoods), and ventured out to the Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley. He lived there for a year, and slew at least two-hundred maniac devils. Before returning home, he built a shack next to the valley that later came to be known as Baddest Bungalow and filled it with the trophy-heads of his hunts. Baddest Bungalow has been preserved as a historic site.

Badder attended Billion Billion University. He received a degree in Musclemania, a then-emerging ontological field, and also became the most famous student to ever attend the university through the sheer explosiveness of his personality.

Although Badder has subsequently shunned an upper class life of leisure, he remains on good terms with both of his parents. He now lives in a burg (also self-built) near the Laaataaavitska province, and regularly stocks it with live demons he captures from the Jumbo Valley so that every day is an adventure. Occasionally he will attend philosophical panels which include Dag Infinite. Badder's trademark is sitting down on a chair by jumping thirty feet into the air and corkscrewing down before crossing his legs and slowing his rate of decent by 500% at the last millisecond.