Dommest Mommest

Baddest Daddest was rumored to be the progenitor of all humans. Over the last three centuries, archaeologists have stumbled upon colossal statues of Baddest Daddest whose inscriptions honor Daddest with being the dad of all, be they bad, mad, sad, or clad in mithril armor.

However, in the last decade, archaeologists have stumbled upon more statues of Dommest Mommest, all of which tower over Daddest by several hundred miles.

Dommest Mommest is usually clad in the most domineering of articles, such as lom-boms, com-soms, and aom-woms. Inscribed onto these Mommest statues is a colossal fear of mothers, poems filled with fright, and a questioning of just how powerful Mommest could be and what power she has yet to unleash upon the humans. Such a figure is much more fitting for the origin of humankind, anthropologists believe.

With the introduction of human pumpholes, the role of the parent has since diminished, yet deep down within every person's heart lies a fear of the Mom … whoever that may be.