Badend is a mega-cynic. Secretly, he does not believe that Shadowslam's plans to overtake the Original Slam Gods will ever be realized. In fact, he only transferred to the Dark Slam Gods' side because he was sick of the Neo Slam Gods' totalitarian stance on only ordering Meat Lovers' pizza — picking the meat off these pizzas essentially meant removing everything from the slice, leaving behind only a sad, doughy triangle (Slam scholars note that Badend's inability to order pizzas for himself reveals a key component of his uniquely stupid psychology). On their end, the Neo Slam Gods were somewhat relieved by the removal of his presence which so often put a damper on the Cradle of Cram's atmosphere.

Badend contributes to battles not only through sheer strength but through an attitude-aura so potent and so bummer that it physically affects those that it targets, rendering them less sure of themselves and questioning the entirety of their motivations on the spot. This leaves opponents wide open to attacks from Badend and other Dark Slam Gods. Badend is fond of starting fights by mumbling, "All is vanity."

Badend's favorite books are Choose Your Own Adventure books, since almost all of their endings are horrible.

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