First Appearance {$first}
Title The Refined Misspeller
Rank Chapel Cynic
Role None
Status Being grumpy
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers {$powers}
Abilities {$abilities}
Grim Synergy Having a Stylish Rank
prop behind him
Age 32
Country Mashchester, United Fiefdom
Height 177 cm
Weight 85 kg
Speed {$speed}
Power Level Smashing
Blood Type A
Family Donte, his foster son
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Dante May Dump:
The Hit TV Series
Dislikes Hero
Treasures His culinary heritage
Hobbies Cooking with demon
Favorite Food Bangers and mash, tea
Forte in Sports Rugby
Fighting Style Sparda Clan Bartitsu
Weapon of Choice {$weapon}
Attacks {$attacks}
Battle Cry {$battlecry}
Win Quote {$swagger}
Most Unpleasant Donte
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Shootie HG
Personality {$personality}
An unbelievably mpj

Bangers is bangers and mash.

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Banger's actual name is MPJ, Most Plump Jowels, but the name is considered too vulgar in the Chapel.

Bangers is a quaint soul in the madness of the Chapel. While always available to voice his displeasure at ruffians and rag-muffins, Bangers maintains a civil posture. His gallant demeanor has won him the friendships of Peklo, Nightmare, and others, earning him a place among the Chapel's most well-known men without resorting to dragon-killing, goblin-skinning, and other debauchery. His gallantry extends to his family life as he is the foster father of Donte Manfredo Niege after Giz fell down a hole and died. However, Giz's troublesome ways already permeated into the youngster, making him a nuisance for Bangers. It tires Bangers out, and the constant pressure of Donte occasionally causes his handle of English to slip, causing Peklo to frequently mock him.

Hero continuously abashes Bangers with stereotypes of Mashchester culture, but everyone knows that deep within Bangers is a soul that yearns to be Dante, the pizza-eating bad boy of Dante May Dump: The Hit TV Series.

He has a closet full of Dante cosplay outfits in secret. Despite Donte's objections and rebellious nature, Bangers has carefully manipulated the scene around Donte to slowly turn him into a Dante. So far, it isn't working out so well.