Basil Infinite

Godly yet a man of flesh and bonner.

Basil Infinite (B.I. or B Infinite) has his own line of edible herbal products. Unlike most products whose namesakes are barely involved with said products' production (Bommy Dilhigger, Buraddo Pitto Ga, etc.), B.I. plants, harvests, cleans, packages, disseminates, and advertises every one of his products all by his lonesome. This is possible due to B.I.'s incredible stamina and musculature. B Infinite conducts tours of his farmland and demonstrates his harvesting process. Onlookers say that B.I. appears to have one-hundred arms when he works, so fast are his actions.

It would almost be too good to be true if B.I.'s name were, in fact, Basil Infinite; his real name (as discovered on official documents) is Glam Glaximum. As would be expected, B Infinite's adopted name was inspired by his two greatest heroes: Basil Gorgeous and Dag Infinite. Some say that this fandom is incompatible, and that B.I.'s reverence for both figures conveys a fundamental misunderstanding of Musclemania. B Infinite is too busy kissing his pecs to notice such a criticism.

B.I. holds the world record for "heaviest naturally grown basil plant"; this plant weighed in at 6,789 kilograms. After the judges declared him to be the champion, B Infinite broke the plant in two, to show off, using his pinkies. The scent released was so powerful that all bystanders in a 2,500 km radius passed out.