Battle Satan

A Satan whose evolutionary path has molded its body into a tank-like form. Essentially a centaur, except that its horse part is a blackened tank of evil, its upper body emerging from the "cupola." Battle Satans more than make up for their slow speed with the strength of their main gun. This weapon is difficult to overheat, and can fire Omega Jigoku Lasers nonstop — blasts powerful enough to put holes through mountains. Battle Satans might have taken over the world (along with their kin) at one time if their numbers were greater, yet they have always been a rare strain, and at their peak never totaled more than several dozen. The Dark Slam Gods collected tissue samples of Battle Satans and have since tried to artificially create more to assist them in their shadowy aims, but an untameable factor known as the "Final Barrier Cell" has impeded scientific progress. It is possible that such darkly divine beings are outside of the realm of reason.

A few living Battle Satans still exist on God Hell Island, separated from the rest of the world by water. Doomsday prophets preach that the Battle Satans are making deals with evil mega birds to help them cross this desert of blue and wreak havoc upon humanity once again.

Battle Satans have a habit of making their pectorals ripple when they fire their main gun.