Baxter Ramms

Baxter Ramms is a philosopher and avant-garde martial artist who calls for the destruction of high culture. While at Versailles, he punctured his finger on a plaster copy of the Rap of the Sabine Women, a post-modern work that combines history, modern hip hop, and the perceived misogyny in both, igniting his passion for anti-art and anti-Slam.

Baxter's work devolves around the concept of Cognitive Ramming, which states there is no consistent affirmative theory or consistent objectivity, and that the Neo Slam Gods are losers. Using Cognitive Ramming as a foundation, Baxter Ramms published several papers in the Chapel: Blueprint for a Lower Civilization, The Objectivity of Folk Music, and Is There Slamming?

Baxter is a large anime fan, and likes to barrage seminars for Cultural Studies with anime merchandise from the season. He purports that anime constitutes the rich folklore of a modern age and will survive as legitimate pieces of culture over high art in the future.

He has a habit of cracking vinyls of Slam Ram, making him a target of assassination by the "Butchers", zealous fans of Butch Deadlift. He claims that Butch Deadlift was creatively defunct, as its "transgressions" were hypercapitalist and feeding off of the wartime climate rather than being legitimate social commentary. Baxter recorded a series of albums about the same topic a year before Slam Ram's release, but it proved extremely unpopular.

Baxter is the sparring partner of Dag Infinite. Despite his proficiency in wrestling and even having majored in Wrestling Studies at Billion Billion University, Baxter disapproves of the sport and has written numerous papers deriding it. His thesis was an argument against wrestling being a scientific discipline. After the professors remarked that it was a hunk of junk, Baxter dropped out and trained in Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley for thirty years.

He is currently pleased by Versaille's recent showcases of giant anime figurines, including one depicting a Muscle Satan whose ejaculation forms the final battle between the Neo Slam Gods and the Dark Slam Gods.