Bearkilling Tomás

The Bearkilling Tomás is a S-Painish skeleton who was killed by a bear during his human life. He became an icon for dissent after he ignored death and killed the bear who killed him. The bear fractured his rib-cage, but Tomás dove into the bear's chest and replaced his ribcage with the bear's. After sneaking/jiggling around his old town, he arrived at the window of his favorite bar. Overhearing a group of drunkards mourn the death of someone's son, he swooped into the bar and tried to offer condolences, but the drunkards hurled their beer and vomit at the skeleton intruder in fright. Tomás bore no grudge toward the humans, realizing the intense agony they felt because of bears, so he resolved to slaughter the bears of the world.

Tomás searches the world for bears and has perfected his wrestling technique from mimicking Drakonstranan wrestling superstars. Tomás's favorite technique is the Spinning Beardriver, wherein he grips the bear with every bone on his body in a choke-hold, then leaps in the air and twirls to slam the bear in the cranium. Tomás's appearance greatly varies. Tomás is very caring for his appearance and frequently replaces his broken bones with fresh new ones. It is rare to see Tomás with a dirty skeleton. But the pristine, white skeleton of Tomás brings up the question: is he Tomás anymore if the skeleton of Tomás no longer comprises him?