Beato Hard

Beato Hard is a member of the Hard Poundation who got banned from wrestling because he became a monster in the ring literally. Shortly after returning from the Land of Taiyou, Beato transformed into a hellish skeleton lord over 500 stones tall. Strange circumstances surrounding his pre-transformation have been recorded, but most insight is speculative at most. What is known is that Beato Hard was almost completely void of belongings. Upon arriving in the Burgburg airport, Beato was nude, rude, and hella crude. His sole possession was a collection of Lucky Star DVDs.

Because of this sole factor, anime was banned for a day by the Burg Lords, only for the decision to be repealed by the largest protest in the history of the world, the Anime Slap Hap, wherein the kings were overthrown by the zealous anime-maniacs (O.T.A.K.U. (King Octo(pus) Union) ) and Burgburg was transformed into a demonic democracy. Because of Beato Hard's (ultimately insignificant) role in bringing down the MAN, he is revered as a god in several Burgburg states such as North DaCORE, Manhandle, and Ida-Gung Ho by the less intelligent populations.

Rumors constantly spread that Hero or Diplo may share the same fate as Beato Hard. In G-Gambling, a form of gambling that tests players' premonition, it's not the case of who will turn into another Beato Hard, but who will turn into the Hardest Beato Hard.

Bret Hard has disowned any relation to Beato Hard, citing his fear of skeletons and anime. Gemmy Hurt, on the other hand, is trying to repeal Beato Hard's ban from wrestling to indict him into at least another wrestling company separate from WHAMESCO, such as G.Razzers Wrestling Entertainment Inc.