Beaumont Boogler

Beaumont Booglers are the skeletons of the Beaumont clan. They dwell in the catacombs located beneath Jut's Farm. Instead of burying their dead in coffins, the Beaumonts wanted to honor their proud ancestors in a ten-story mansion, complete with jacuzzis, spas, and pedicure salons. However, lack of maintenance has led to a terrible, moldy expanse of rotting wood, blackened brick, and deranged skeletons.

Coming from the Beaumont clan, they have some distinct features. Their neotenized skull is a quarter of the size of the average human skull. Hardy and gargantuan femurs make them a deadly opponent to face in combat: a single kick from a Beaumont Boogler's legs can decapitate a Dracula's limb. Three-thirds of Beaumont Booglers are lactose-intolerant, making them vulnerable to cream pies.