Beaumont Family

The Beaumont family is a group of former upper-class clansmen whose lineage boasts dinosaur-taming, Dracula killing, wall-punching and meat-grabbing. Because these aristocrats' limited their gene pool to make sure everyone was a Beaumont, the clan turned into a group of rag-tag dregs. Most Beaumonts resemble mythological Finnish heroes: barely clothed neanderthals. But some, like Juts Beaumont, retain a fashion sense of worthy prestige, laden in coats of majestic embroidery. Often their coattails (the distinguishing mark between Beaumont fasionistas), tell the stories of their ancestors, and it is from these records that a rich history of Dracula killing was uncovered.

A Beaumont's weapon of choice is the Whap, derived from the legendary Killer Killer Whip last wielded by Rumple Beaumont. They have the ability to twirl Whaps in their hands, grapple poles, vault off poles, shoot fireballs from Whaps, lengthen Whaps for Zoom Punch-esque antics, etc. Most importantly, Beaumonts use Whaps to "kill the night." Many Beaumonts are engaged in some form of LARPing, and LARP-related deaths are the cause of the Beaumont family's high morality rate.

Catacombs in Western Martinettio, now called the Beaumont Bunghole, were excavated, unleashing a blight of Beaumont Booglers who now run both the city-state's administration and underworld.