Welcome, Brave Traveler



Poor Peklo, ravaged by the famine of morality
Rise against the drumming that swirls troubling clouds
And the lapis lazuli eyes that glitter in the carcass

Of the mound of triumph
Whisper your tears and let them soak
In the clash of steel and the bleeding of blood

Welcome to Grim Synergy(ies)!! The Number One Source for the History of the World as We Know It Now, As It Was, and How It Will Be.

Enjoy your stay, and don't let the bungle bugs bungle into the deep hellish night. Demons are by the dozen, but that doesn't mean they won't bludgeon. Keep a shield handy, and keep your wits off of you. Only the strong will survive in this year of 2045.

Histories from the Slam Era

The Religion of Slam
Slam Gods
Original Slam Gods
Neo Slam Gods
Dark Slam Gods
Apocryphal Slam Gods

Other Slam Gods

Pumpatron Jamboree Ramrod Thrusticle Jackbiggu Crashcombo
Shadowslam Wrigguhlromm Negabomb Damndeeder Ultraminus Badend
FUBU Perkele Slam Fraud Slam Freud Whall Max Fantastick
Neon Slam Gods 灶GOLD王—GOD食 Godlin
Cramtacular Giga Jammer Grand Slam
Related Deities Dark Mals DEATHBOONER Son of Slam The Drummer
Slam Arts Giga G-Hrony Cram Flexbeam A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Muscle Force
Slamming Devices Slam Bomb
Historical Slams Slam vs. Ram Conflict
Texts and Media Book of Slams The Cyclopedia of Devil "Mystic Slam" SLAM SHACK
"Slam Ram" Slamon and Crashfunkel Dante May Dump: The Hit Tv Series
Basil Gorgeous's Compendium of Ramming Organs in the Divine Slamdom
Scholars Diplo Basil Gorgeous Jacopo Pumppano
The Demonology of Finland


Bogline Goblin Boomlin Errans Gablin Grablin Potato Goblin
Ass Debiru Demon Beaumont Boogler Bigledorp Birds Bugaboo Dinosaur
Dodongo Dragon Final Dungeon Enemy Glum Rammer Lord Glumbum
Hell Castlevania Buttlord Dracula Hell Tackle Devil Hubort Demon Humblerr
Jhen Mohran Lao-Shan Lung Mega Demon Minster Muscle Mimic
Shbong Skeleton Skeleton Alarm Skeleton Mantrap Slambeast Wheel Skeletons
Gross Toad Waddler Gashadokuro Pumpeter Slamphony K'SO Dumplo Octopus
Tude Worm Goblin Shark Ghostwriter

Bungle Bug Bzzzzzzlebug Goliath Devileater Spider Piss Ant Spiders
Satan Lucifel Battle Satan Muscle Satan Super Deformed Satan Mega Battle Satan
Deities Coxxus Immortal Mad Dag
Famous Goblins Aaraaff Gabriel Goblin Dirk Gamling Hoilasi Hook-Nosed Goblin
Karamelliverhot Kasvossani and Juhlissani Pillihousuni Porko the Grablin
Simon Goblin Räkivät Tribe Rääsyläinen Shrek Volkii Trevor Goblin
The Prim, Proper Posse of Poser-Slam
Famous Demons Anime Skeleton Anubass Anime Bearkilling Tomás Belphegor
Dracula Super Saiyan 9 Hunkle Sugoi Grubber Kingu King of Devil Manfredo
Maramet Mondo the Mega Saddum Skele Skehellton Mann The Groke Green Gablin
The Iron Shack Tohth Galley Beggar Matando Gorgezandez Hell Baker
Skull Millionaire Ganny G
Events Battle of Hell
Scholars Basil Gorgeous
Books Turning into a Mega Demon was the Best Decision of My Life
Culture Deep Down Emotions Darkness Lord Of Shadow Skeleton City
Skeleton Senses Bumble Bone Jig Red Orbs Trombonner Whirligig Spider Leg
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