Belphegor is Peklo's patron saint. Despite that, Belphegor is actually one of the seven princes of Hell and also heralded as the Demon of Discoveries. He is a very kind and giving demon. A genius since youth, Belphegor always realized the persecution he would receive for being born a demon. No one would trust an invention by a demon, not even demons. Despite that, he held an incredible gift. At one month of age, Belphegor managed to create a self-contained toilet with no need of plumbing. This genius toilet also has the ability of automation, allowing Belphegor to sit on it and use it as a form of transportation. To this day, he says it is his proudest achievement, "I never leave home without it." Instead of whining about the discrimination against him, Belphegor instead goes on trips to G-Urth to inspire humans. He loves to suggest ingenious inventions and ideas to people that will make them rich.



When he was young, in his youth, Belphegor, at a young age, was a young and dashing (Belphegor snagged a scholarship thru a stint in track and field in a youth program) devil. He often boasted about his inventions, drawing the attention of many other monsters. Because of this, when he was sent to the g-urthly realm, he always had a demon or three or three billion to accompany him. His schedule was deeply knit with dates at every hour. For this, humans associated Belphegor with licentiousness and orgies. Belphegor nowadays finds it extremely shameful and states that he never once had an orgy. Instead, he says that he was educating the monsters on strange human culture, such as their habits to worship phalluses to contact him.

The first time he was sent to G-Urth was by personal request from Pluto. Pluto asked Belphegor to investigate if there was really a thing called "married happiness". It was considered scientific fact that humans could not live in harmony. When Belphegor went to G-Urth, the first thing he spotted was Dag Infinite and Jennica Bojungle having an extremely heated spat because Jennica lifted heavier weights than Dag. This solidified the falsity of the rumor and Belphegor returned to Hell. He did not realize they were actually just acting out a segment on WHAMESCO Mournday Night Slam.

Later on, Belphegor found himself a victim of defamation in Kabbalistic writings where he was known as the "disputer", an enemy of the sixth Sephiroth "beauty." He tried to refute rumors by appearing to humans in the form of a beautiful colossus, but it was to limited success (Seeing such a huge man, everyone challenged him to a fight instead). He still does this often. In revenge, Belphegor often tried to sway humans with the idea that his inventions would bring vast wealth, sowing discord in the communities where the Kabbalistic writings were made. While it was successful, Belphegor stopped because he got lazy.


Every April, Belphegor loves to go on a diet. "I like to get in shape, just for that one month." It is this month where he is most productive in inspiring human invention. To increase his success, he slathers concrete on himself to become a statue. He is partial to the looks of the Statue of Libel and Tea and mimics her look a lot when invoked by humans. He loves their reactions, "WOW HUGE". Belphegor's natural appearance is that of a monstrous, bearded demon with horns and sharply pointed nails, which he really has no qualms about. "Beauty is just a human concept I like to take up. It's merely adopting cultural values for the sake of communication. But really, in demon society, it's completely different. It's all dependent on intellect. There's no need to dress up, even if I do love it. It takes time and really, any time off my toilet, even if to dress and pretty myself, is a risk."

Reactions and Responses


Belphegor has often been cited as a source of laziness in society. In interviews, he often goes out of his way to address it directly, "I give humans ideas. It is entirely their (the humans') own means that bring those products into g-urthly existence. To say I sponsor sloth is ludicrous. Humans still do the labor. They do it proudly and with drive. The products are most often than not, wonderful machinations of engineering, love, and care." Despite that, Belphegor has admitted that he never leaves his toilet. "You never know when a dump's coming up, or rather down," he often remarks. "I never want to get up. I have a fear of defecation on public property… What of public defecation? It is an entirely natural thing, but in a society so stringent on ownership and property, I just have to respect the oddities of it, this invisible doctrine called the Social Contract."