Bernhard Eshardt

A Dracula that is always on fire, because he dreams of having beautiful red hair. This particular Dracula is too ignorant to realize that hair dyes have existed for three billion millenniums. Bernhard Eshardt, always being on fire, is rarely invited to other Draculas' parties, so he tends to stay cooped up in his castle. "Dying" of boredom, he occasionally kidnaps people to lure bodybuilders. He then uses his various security cameras to watch the bodybuilders humble his demonic castle guards. This voyeurism is not appreciated by his guards, as Bernhard will neglect feeding or paying them so that they cannot toughen up against the bodybuilders. In one case, Bernhard deliberately replaced the library's archives with coloring books so that they could not learn from the Eshardt Archive's famous Dracula Clan Kung Fu Manual.

The guards are currently trying to form an union to strike against Bernhard, but they keep getting beat up before they can schedule a meeting.