Best-Selling Videogames of All Times

Videogame is a medium that is enjoyed by a wide variety of angry men across the world, and is proudly sponsored by terrorism. Despite being a relatively new art, videogames have come to rival film, music, literature, and sexy dance in terms of profit. The quality of videogames can be objectively analyzed by holding a microscope very close to a game and squinting your eyes.

Here is a list of Best Selling Videogame of All of the Times.

Best-Selling Videogames of All the Times

The Hobert
Here Comes the Pain and Shut Your Mouth You Just Hit Someone at the Ropes and They Might Go Off the Ring 2015
Now is the Time to Slam!: Densetsu no Slam God
Tactics Bolger: Let Us Slam Together
Dante May Dump: The Videogame
Neo Slam Gods Pizza Delivery Simulator 2
☻ Industrial Outhouse Designer 3
Dark Holes 2
Peklo RPG
☻ Samurai Warriors: Oops
Breaking Mad Thrones: The Videogame
☻ Turkey Rampage
Dag Infinite: The Experience 4: Let's Get this Party Started, Seriously. Guys. I'm not Joking. Guys.
☻ Pizza
☻ Dragon's Acceleration!!
Titanic Grizzled Dumplords
FUBU's Murder and Babysitting Simulator
☻ FUBU's Murder and Babysitting Simulator: XTREME TO LEGEND
☻ FUBU's Murder and Babysitting Simulator in Land of Taiyou
☻ FUBU's Murder and Babysitting Simulator: UI Nightmare + Strategy
☻ Kang & Shit 2