Big Gam

MA-AZ Big Gam was a mobile armor developed by BBW (Big n' Banging Whomper) Industries distinguished by its five centimeter wide body and a single sixty-nine kilometer wide leg. The tiny body houses a miniature cannon capable of firing .5mm shells. Its gargantuan legs required ten thousand power planets to operate. A simple gait was enough to overheat the Big Gam and as a result, it could not be used in battle for any longer than 1 half-second.

Big Gam was more so used as a deterrent, hoping enemy would be stupid enough to be intimidated by giant thing. However, after Big Gam's first battle, everyone realized it was just a huge hunk of junk, and Big Gam promptly dropped in sales, BBW Industries went bankrupt, and the few mass produced Big Gams were all sold to Nightmare so that he could serve a specialty Big Gam Soup at his restaurant for a week.