Big Red Ritual

The Big Red Ritual is one of the most popular Satanist rituals.

It involves one person, unlike a black mass, which requires one-million people, creatures, things, or anything in between, to be sacrificed. A Big Red Ritual only requires three ingredients: ningen, Big Red brand gum, and Big Red brand drinking liquid. When a summoner ingests both the gum and the liquid, the Biggest Red will be summoned.

The Big Red Ritual's ease has led summoning Satan to become something like a meme, and Satan is not having any of it. Satan is employing his best lawyers to dismantle the manufacturers of Big Red brand gum and drinking liquid through a high-level class action law suit (apparently, other Satans are affected as well), but Satan is missing one important detail: the manufacturer is a corporation, and corporations are people. Killing people is bad!