Biggest Papa Pump

Also known as "Papa Dump" and "Broken Limit Satan-Man." Rumored to be the Ultimate Warrior's (ibiru (evil)) brother, he was born weighing 68 pounds and wielding a Giga Club formed from solidified devil energy.

It became clear, as Biggest Papa Pump (or B2P) grew older, that he did not fit in with other schools, nor even with society as a whole. He wandered into a deadly Finnish forest at the age of five and flexed in front of twenty enraged anacondas, all of whom perished due to the gratuitous spectacle; and just two years later he accidentally pushed a classmate too hard and made their body explode, setting off a chain reaction wherein 4,000 nearby people exploded as well. This was pardoned by the authorities.

However, B2P's segue to teen-age baditude unlocked his true devilish potential, and he began to develop a fighting style called Hail Horror Hail that made extensive use of the Giga Club he still carried around. It was not long before at least 2,000,000 people had lost their lives to B2P.

For these transgressions, B2P was sent to Clang-Clang Pit of Devil Jail (this was before Iron Gigahell Jail existed) to serve out a sentence of 135,000,000 years.