Biggudaddy Longestlegs

The greatest spider to have ever lived on G-Urth (Great Galaxy King TERRORANTULA holding the universal title). Though his body is only 1mm in width and length, and also perfectly circular, his legs are 10km long. However, he has never been seen, and his size only recorded from the shadows he sometimes casts. Due to this, there may be an error in the aforementioned sizes. In these shadows, he has been seen wearing a top hat. Rumour has it that he is very fond of top hats and has the biggest top hat collection in the galaxy.

He has been known to anonymously fund the education of orphan girls for their whole lives. Through this, he has found many potential lovers, yet, true to his mysterious nature, he never steps forth to accept their love.

It has been speculated that Biggudaddy Longestlegs is a Goliath Devileater Spider. No one can confirm this, or indeed any other rumour about Biggudaddy Longestlegs, so it's all mudada.