Biggumite are gigantic termites. They have a caste-based society, from which early human civilization derived its own societal structure. These castes are: Queen of Queens (all living in Fat York and communicating to hives via telepathy), Crowned Satan, Killer, Secondary Killer, Tertiary Killer, Quaternary Killer, Quinary Killer, Senary Killer, Septenary Killer, Octonary Killer, Nonary Killer, Denary Killer, and Ultimate Loser. They are not native to G-Urth and arrived on a flaming asteroid from a distant universe known as Mangu. This same asteroid is responsible for the creation of the penis. Biggumites regularly wage war with similarly-sized species, like the goblin.

Despite humanity's worst efforts, biggumites are the Number One Reason Ga for mass deforestation.

Another name for the biggumite is "terabyte." As can be assumed from the name, biggumites are the main storage units of artificial and dark mechanical calculators: computers.