Billion Billion University

Billion Billion University is a well renowned Finnish university, and perhaps the most expensive one to attend in the world. This is not an issue for its attendees, as they all come from upper-upper class families. Billion Billion's seal is a "$" sign that is imprinted on a deltoid, and its motto is "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man wealthy, wealthy, and wealthy." Lately, some controversy has surrounded the gendered pronoun in the motto, as well as alleged attempts by the university to bribe criticizers with succulent stacks of cash. Surprisingly, this has done little to lessen Billion Billion's status.

Billion Billion enforces a fairly strict dress code. Everyone must wear a satin button-up shirt, extra-large pants (belts are allowed), enormous leather boots, and a trenchcoat with a high collar. Silver and gold are the only acceptable colors for attire. Minor customization is allowed on the trenchcoat. For example: the most famous student to graduate from Billion Billion, Badder Tumblegood, was fond of lining his coat's insides with link chains made of osmium to train his body. It is rumored that he also enjoyed the clanking sound the chains produced.

The surface area of the university has never been officially measured, but it rivals the scope of Lord King God University. Billion Billion's topography is very irregular, being built in the midst of a hilly valley. All buildings totally or partially incorporate gold in their architecture, making for quite a sight. On days when the sunshine is maximum (rare, this being Finland), the aid of a good pair of sunglasses is invaluable. At one point, buildings made of diamond were to be erected, but this was canceled after the president at the time, Markka Bankjaam, had a dream wherein he was slowly crushed to death by a gigantic, sentient diamond.