Bilmblorb is the name of a large number of Burgburg regents. Their line ended with Kingu, wherein the dynasty was replaced by the Blumbeens. The Bilmblorbs relegated most power to their servants because they were too lazy to get off the throne, creating the first seeds of democracy, an outdated political ideology. They are praised by many Burgburger historians today because of their willingness to let go. Today, the famed throne of the Bilmblorbs, the Assleep, stands majestically in a McDongle's where it is offered tributes of burgers and fries customers buy at McDongle's. Offering other foods is considered heresy. Fearing people will see the lack of decomposition in McDongle's meals over the long periods of time that they can stay on the throne, Jarry Boschwraggler created a mechanical mouth and tongue into the Assleep to shove the food down a hidden chute where workers can repackage and sell the tributary meals again.