Bingle Bishop

The Bingle Bishop (real name Bamoffibus Riticuram) was a high-ranking member of the Grandgod Church who became infamous once it was found out that he had used 5.6 trillion dollars from church funds to have personal luxuries built. It was rather easy for officials to find out that Bingle Bishop had done this, as some of the projects included a 500-square-meter bathtub, a dining hall the size of a small town (and sporting remarkably good draw-distance), and a bedroom with a bed so large that it could fit half of Fatican City's population in it. The fact that he had depleted 99% of the church's funds was a noted give-away, as well. Bingle Bishop, when put on trial, however, remained flabbergasted that his plans had been outed.

When Bingle Bishop was found guilty and thus excommunicated, he was granted enough money to live on for the rest of his life, provided he was not greedy. He immediately spent all of this money on plating his body with Ultra Gold.

Bingle Bishop died of suffocation due to gold surrounding his body 100%.