A forest animal that very much resembles a badger-sized common mole. In the mating season, all Bingledorps travel by curling up into balls and rolling at a furious speed. They do so by small controllable levers that run along the top of their bodies; these levers alternately flip in and out at a an extremely fast pace, thus providing a constant means of movement for the Bingledorps. Selection of a mate is done by indiscriminately rolling into another Bingledorp and then pumping on the spot (all Bingledorps are hermaphroditic). It is quite a sight to come upon a woodland during this event. A Bingledorp's ears are small holes on either side of its head, and are designated by small flaps of skin that are covered by brilliant, golden scales. While it is possible to hunt and eat Bingledorps, those who have done so do not recommend the taste, and liken it to licorice.