Blashyrkh is a kingdom out of the reach for all mortals, but is often referenced in the pagan psalms of Scandinavians, including Peklo's own clan. According to the Demon God Abbath, this frozen kingdom was created by the hatred of both himself and Demonaz. It is ruled by a giant raven god called the "Mighty Ravendark". On the hymnbook "Battles in the North", in the eponymous song, he is referred to as "the Oath of Frost, who sits on the elder raventhrone," and as "the rightful king of the highest halls." He is often represented by various "winterdemons" and other grim servants, including the band members, who do battle in his name against Blashyrkh's enemies and frequently ride down to the south to combat all non-grim and frostbitten things.

Blashyrkh is eternally covered with frost, snow and winter, as can be learned from the religious text "At the Heart of Winter":

''Blashyrkh mighty be your name victorious a kingdom we made''
''with strength and pride all the way you are at the heart of winter''

''The statue watches the kingdom your giant wings make all beneath''
''I'm staring forth the raventhrone I know I'm at the heart of winter''