A Bloodbarfer is a Dracula specializing in projectile blood vomit. A Bloodbarfer appears to have a limitless supply of blood within itself, and it is not certain why Draculas do not hunt Bloodbarfers for an infinite supply of blood. It is possible that Draculas view Bloodbarfers as bloody disgusting, and their constant regurgitation of blood as unsanitary. This ignores the general lack of hygiene Draculas exhibit when feeding on anything. As such, discrimination toward Bloodbarfers is seen as hypocritical among humans. Some anthropologists suggest the aversion to Bloodbarfers comes from unspoken cultural edicts within other Dracula circles.

Bloodbarfers have been seen cutting their wrist on gargoyle statues or slamming their arms into iron-maiden-like devices called Pain Boxes to receive special prizes. Humans who reenacted this died shortly of immense blood loss. These treasures were probably intentionally secured by such devices to be DRACULA-ONLY.

Bloodbarfers can single-barfedly take out titan automata. As such, they are usually employed as bouncers for higher deities (usually giants) seeking to exclude humans who may try to sneak into establishments in giant cosplay outfits that utilize titans and other mechanical humanoids.