Blunder Big House

Blunder Big House is an extradimensional prison located on the outskirts of Heck. It would be the world's worst prison; technically, however, it is not on the world (or in it for that matter). Blunder Big House is the center of a phenomenon called the Infinite Jail Break, where millions of prisoners rummage through a scripted hellzone to freedom. Most of these prisoners are told that they are the Chosen Slammer, but, upon escape, find themselves doing fetch quests when they realize they have no idea what they are supposed to do as the Chosen Slammer.

The prison warden, Klung-Klang Tao, is currently investigating the source of the Infinite Jail Break, but is afraid to solve the mystery. While the Infinite Jail Break is allowing untold amounts of prisoners to escape with a sense of entitlement, the Infinite Jail Break also mysteriously revives the slain guards in Tao's command. Tao remarks that their continuous dying is probably a worse prison for the guards, although he considers it a possibility to have the prison overrun if he finds a way to disable the delicate system of the Infinite Jail Break and break the guards' respawning.

Tao believes the Infinite Jail Break is being commandeered by a prophet, Bang Bam Zhong, who is trying to release the real Chosen Slammer. He has no idea who the Chosen Slammer is because his prophecies are too vague. The Chosen Slammer is non-canonical, with the prophecy itself being apocrypha on the level of modern fan fiction. As far as how different that actually is compared to anything else in the Book of Slams remains disputed.