The bonner is a source of annoyance, violence, arousal, and joy, and is worshiped in many cultures, often revered second only to the biceps and pectorals. It is often paired with the hoohoo as a mythical site of generative power.

Some anthropologists, deemed "bonner believers," hypothesize that the true forms of the Neo Slam Gods are gigantic bonners. This hypothesis was explored in the book Pierce the Heavens: Deities and Dongs. Other anthropologists and theologians have criticized this approach for its exclusivity, and alternative proposals have emerged, such as one purporting that the Neo Slam Gods embody all possible genders and genitalia at once. This has enraged many members of bonner-centric ecstatic cults, who have attempted to combat such alternatives by publishing dense texts full of nothing but the word "PENIS" angrily typed in size-72 font.

"Bonner" is often used interchangeably with "mega" as an adjective denoting greatness/coolness/awesomeness. Diplo has been charged with its modern popularization; when asked about his feelings on the matter, he has said, "It's not my greatest accomplishment."


Bonner is said to have been derived from Middle English boner from Proto-Skeleton bonbonbon. Boner originated from painters whom were tasked with studying anatomy and at a disadvantage, as drawing nude figures was seen as unscrupulous. Many painters found a loophole wherein they had their models cast off their skin and drew their skeletons. However, the Church soon found this to be foul too, stating that the skeletons too were naked and that they too were too sensual for the eyes of the clergy. This baffled painters, who mostly had vanilla kinks, and they mocked the church for sporting 'boners' toward skeletons. Church propaganda soon flipped this term on its head, as skeleton sexuality reached new heights within the century and everyone wanted to "bone" a skeleton.

The resulting vulgarity led language leaders to add an extra n to boner in the hopes it would curtail growing licentiousness.