First Appearance Episode 3402: The One
Where Ross Eats Shit
(in flashback as hologram)
Title Tyrant of Scrubville
Rank Big Bad
Role Sanitation Expert
Status Bathing and splashing
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Can control anything
that is completely clean,
immune to finger
does not age while wet
Abilities Bathing
Observing clouds
Grim Synergy Aura that eradicates
Age 152.54
Country Scrubville
Height 189 cm
Weight 113 kg
Speed When wet; The fastest
When dry: The slowest
in town.
Power Level Changes with wetness
Blood Type H2-O
Family Creator of G Boogal
Marital Status Married to his bathtub
Likes Bathing, splashing,
Dislikes Dirt, dust golems,
disrespecting the tub
Treasures Cleanstone tubes,
Slam God Backscrubber
Hobbies Splishing, splashing
Favorite Food Exists by absorbing water,
Lucky Bananas
Forte in Sports 100m splash
Fighting Style 転界無王拳
Weapon of Choice Powerful legs
Attacks Sonic splasher
Rotating bath hell
The stopper pull
Infinite drain clog
Deadman's float
Battle Cry "What's that smell?
Oh. It's YOU!"
Win Quote "*splash* *splash*"
Most Unpleasant Filthfowl
Weakness Dust
Favorite Music Tub noises only
Personality Rude to the dirty,
Undying friendship
to the clean
An unbelievably bath

"Companionship…. is that a muscle i haven't flexed yet???"



Boogal is a big bad bubba born one day from a Slam God's hatred of how filthy one of the hells was that particular day. As a being born from both a Slam God and a hatred of dirt, he naturally assumed the shape of a muscle man relaxing in a tub. Using his power to control all clean things, he commanded all of the cleanest soaps and streams to forcibly wash armies of thugs whom he then brainwashed into becoming his loyal army, the Soap Scum. With his army he roamed the Earth for over a hundred years looking for bigger and bigger tubs to relax in, his Cleanliness Aura exploding hundreds of thousands of dirty villagers along the way.

Eventually Boogal came up with the idea of permanently occupying a country, so that he could continuously build a single tub to be bigger and bigger rather than having to constantly hunt for bigger tubs. With the goal of infinitely turning the entire planet into one big tub, he and the Soap Scum descended on Scrubville, secretly dispatching of the mayor and usurping the already sizable tub that sat at the center of Scrubville.

Boogal declared the death of the mayor the Ultimate Taboo, punishable by being scrubbed to death by the ultra bristles of his Slam God backscrubber. By keeping this secret, he was able to use the people's love of the mayor to force the shutdown of all factories, shops, and businesses in order to have all workers dedicate their time to continuing the expansion and maintenance of his big tub.

When word eventually spread that Scrubville's mayor became a tyrant, many brave heroes showed up to put an end to Boogal. However, none of them were able to swim to the center of the tub where Boogal lay soaking before the weight of their heavy armor and weapons caused them to sink and drown.

Boogal's big tub

The tub is constructed of over a thousand long tons of various Slam-proof alloys in order to prevent leaks or vandalism by rebellious local Scrubchildren. The tub is hooked up via several Cleanstone mega-tubes directly to Soap bubble mountain, home to the Absolute Clean Water, which Boogal requires to maintain his power. Through an incredibly wasteful process the tub ejects thousands of tons of water per day while draining about double that amount from Soap bubble mountain. This water cycling has caused the remaining ring of liveable space around the town in Scrubville (about 2 meters in diameter) to be constantly flooded.

Creation of G Boogal


When Boogal realized that his plan to engulf the world in a giant perfect tub was working, he angrily realized that he no longer had any outlet for his constant desire to find bigger tubs. Taking a single deep breath, he immersed himself completely within his tub and performed a Mega Soak for 30 years. When he re-emerged after his soak, G Boogal arose with him. The physical embodiment of Boogal's desire for bigger tubs, he lacks Boogal's awareness of having already found the ultimate tub. G Boogal eternally roams the earth looking to slam himself into any tub he can find for as long as it can sustain him.


Written in the Boogal book by the Scrubville scholar Bubblepop Splashhazard, there is a prophecy that states that one day Boogal's fixation on cleanliness will so anger the Dark Slam Gods that they will appear themselves to deal with him.

Slamming his tub with all their might, they will then loudly slurp all the water out of the tub, causing Boogal to fly upward forever from the force of the slam as his own Cleanliness Aura slowly eats away at his body as it slowly becomes unclean.

This prophecy is not commonly given attention in scholarly circles among Scrubville, due in part to their not existing. Average citizens of Scrubville are too busy steering their surfboard houses towards whatever soggy food they can find to think about it.