Books are a mystery in Slam canon. No one knows where they came from, because the preferred method for transferring knowledge was by slamming each other and learning from each other's technique. Despite the necessity of the written word, modern culture still clashes with the assimilation of literature and most people merely use books for slamming. Best-sellers are usually extremely thick books, and the marketing and production of books is less linked to its written content and more focused on the volume, weight, and how dense the diamond was in the paper's material.

Sought-after Texts

☻ A Dozen Manuscripts of Restless Nightmare
☻ The Myth Below Deranged Skeleton Cabin
☻ Tales of Hesitant Demons
☻ Million Books of Debonair Dragons
☻ Apocrypha of Japanese Hole Castle
☻ Text of Singing Nightmare Hell
☻ Scroll of Small Duke von Gaibon
☻ The Myth of Illustrious Nightmare Mine
☻ Chapter of Smooth-Talking Wrestlers
☻ Canon of Unswayed Slam Gods Hell: The Colossal Sack of Words
☻ Protocanon of Christian Scientist Skeleton
☻ Manuscript of Belligerent Big Toilet
☻ Scroll of Vast Bodacious League of Bodybuilders: The Unlimited
☻ The Chronicles of Gusty Satan Cavern
☻ Assorted Documents of Jennica Bojungle's Exclusive Mountain Chronicles
☻ Chapter of Nostalgic Golden Bones: Grumble the Gorgeous
☻ The Myth Flexing Atop Buddhist Wrestlers Mountain
☻ Canon of Big: Volume IXIVIFIF
☻ Maxin' and Relaxin': Considerate Sailtan, Part One of the Epic: That's Why I Love the Kill
☻ The Myth of Jumpy Demonic
Basil's Painful Romance: How I Became Number One Bodybuilder
☻ The Myth of Spurious Big
☻ Book of Clever Darkness
☻ Apocrypha of Atrocious Aniki: I'll Slam You if You Ram Me and I'll Slam You if You Don't
☻ Tale of Tiny Dracula
☻ The Myth of Fierce Wrestlers
☻ Scrolls of Robust Giz's Chamber
☻ Document of Muslim Nightmare Cuisine
☻ Scrolls of Verbose Satan Mountain
☻ The Chronicles of Underwhelmed Infinite : How I Became Number One Bodybuilder
☻ The Myth of Bossy Slamming Toilet's Final Flush
☻ Manuscript of Grateful Dragons Chamber : How I Became Number One Bodybuilder
☻ Scrolls in Wistful Giz's Dungeon : How I Became Number One Bodybuilder
☻ The Myth of Greedy Peklo's Mountain
☻ The Chronicles in Stingy Duke von Gaibon's Woods
☻ Tales in Feigned Duke von Gaibon's Woods the Gorgeous
☻ The Myth in Unarmed Slamming
☻ Canon of Fantastic Ancestors
☻ Story of Groovy Golden Bones
☻ Tale in Magnificent Nightmare
☻ Text of Huge Wrestlers
☻ Book of Ugliest Hell Woods