A booner, unlike a bonner, is most undesirable. Nowadays, booners are an uncommon plight, thanks to (what passes for) modern science. Therefore, when a booner does occur, it is cause for great panic. Whole kingdoms can enter a state of emergency if even a single booner is discovered on a person. It is uncertain if booners are contagious, but no chances are taken, and every person tasked with tackling a booner wears a full-body suit to prevent skin-to-booner contact. Superstitious individuals believe that booner-sufferers have been visited by the Deathbooner in their dreams and stared into its abyssal visage.

A single booner is not fatal, but if it is untreated it can swiftly turn into two, three, a dozen, a hundred booners. Ergo, the Booner Health Committee's motto: "Should you check later rather than sooner, you can bet your butt you'll be full of booner."