Brainless Norseman

The Brainless Norseman was a burgeoning Scandinavian who wandered and terrorized the quaint town of Burping Borblow. In his jealousy of those who possessed brains and reminded him that he was a brainless dumbo, he tended to collect the head of anyone who stood in his way. This led to his Ultimate Demise.

The Brainless Norseman's preferred weapons of choice were a quartet of guns named the BFGs (Brain Final-Gibbers). They were effective at blowing off heads, but made quite a mess. The Brainless Norseman was detained after he was discovered picking up one of 1,090,650,000,085 meat gibs from a fresh Brainboom scene.

He allegedly lost his brain after a Morse Code accident. Only one detail is known of this incident: that the Brainless Norseman was part of a secret order called the B.L.O.O.D.B.U.N.G., whose members enjoyed soliciting in very teal Mashchester towns, such as Pigburg-Brüm, while brandishing heavily damaged and bandaged weaponry.

List of Victims

  • Dynamite Headdy
  • Knock Before Entering
  • Headful Falconn
  • Shagohod Bane
  • Killme Shaw
  • Pilgrim Grimpill
  • Smart Trousers Boris
  • Murdered Mason
  • Headshot Harris
  • Doom Gai
  • Dool Dink
  • Horse Thief Halmud
  • Jakk Van Goog
  • Mystery Pump
  • Adore DaBomb
  • Wigley Shufflerump
  • G Jay
  • Flush Rememberer