Brandy Brendo

Good-for-nothing father of Deeo "Dumpstromm" Brendo. Not a scrap is known of his origins. He seems to have come out of nowhere. No woman has yet claimed to have been his lover.

Brandy lived in a bungalow with his son (who slept on the floor). He made his money by gathering the spoils from the bodies and caravans of explorers who had met their end in the harsh, demon-filled woodlands.

Brandy Brendo was fond of showing people what food he'd managed to store in his beard for later snacking. Often this would be a turkey leg or wheel of cheese. Brandy was rarely sober, and he had a laugh that made all cats in the village immediately empty their bowels. Despite all of this, he tried to conduct himself with an air of nobility, often tipping his hat when ladies walked by, making him all the more repugnant.

Both Brandy Brendo and his son were destroyed when they incited the deadly ire of Badder Tumblegood. Now and then, daydreamers will claim to have seen Brandy Brendo's rump manifest in cloud form.