Bret Hard

Bret Hard is a retired wrestler who worked for the World Heritage Amicable Muscular Explosive Scientific and Cultural Organization. Known for his perfect techniques using his extremely hard bonner, such as the Hardshooter, Bret Hard was popularly known as "The Hardest There Was, The Hardest There Is, And The Hardest There Ever Will Be". He was said to be the legendary Hard Man himself, but scholars are divided on this matter.

The most famous member of the Hard Poundation, Bret Hard was the subject of his own father's jealousy for surpassing him as a Hard and being harder than him. In an incident purported by his father, known as the Ohayou Screwjob, Bret Hard was shamed forever and had to leave WHAMESCO. He could not find work anywhere but the Hard Poundation, where his father offered him a job in making porn flicks (as the Hard Poundation was originally a big-hitter in the porn industry).